Yi Pro (Android)



  • The main challenge was to create a sustainable connection and communication channel with camera. The camera API was not documented and worked on different levels of networking.
  • TCP socket based communication with camera
  • HTTP based communicatio with camera
  • MVVM Architecture
  • VLCKit integration for live video streaming from camera
  • Management of media inside the camera
  • Management of advanced camera options

App description

Action Camera Companion allows you to get more from your Action Cameras. With this application, you can access advanced camera settings like saturation, exposure, ISO, gamma, and much, much more.

With Action Camera Companion you can shoot movies and photographs like a real professional. Capture slow motion, long exposure, or light trails. You can check our tutorials available from the app.

Action Camera Companion also allows you to easily browse, download and manipulate files on a camera SD card. Just connect your phone to the camera Wi-Fi and download your amazing movies and photos.

List of supported camera models:

- Yi Action 4K+
- Yi Action 4K
- YI Action

Camera scripting is only supported in YI Action Camera.


Programming language: Kotlin

Frameworks: Material Design, Firebase, AndroidX

Tools: Android Studio, Git, Fastlane