Invis Wearables (Android)



  • Maintaining BLE connection with multiple devices manufactured by Invis Wearables
  • REST API interactions
  • Model-View-Presenter architecture
  • Synchronising data between phone and smart devices (steps, alarms, notifications)
  • Find me feature - detecting position of your smart device based on signal strength
  • Live data presentation with Realm database

App description

Get healthy and connected with the Invis App!

The wearables revolution is now. The Invis App pairs exclusively with the Invis watch straps.

Control of multifaceted features is simple. The Invis App is designed easy to use and customize, enabling conscious steps into the connected future.

We detect your device for easy set up. Using your smartphone, tailor features such as the activity dashboard, notification control, alarm settings, device location or achievement goals.

Our goal is to help you be both healthy and connected.

The Invis App will help you with:

Monitoring activity
Making it easy to be fit. Stay in control of your activity with the comprehensive monitoring feature. Receive summaries on a personalized dashboard.

Know your specifics. The Invis App provides metrics on calories, steps and overall distance covered over certain period.

Lets do it together. We believe that motivation is the key to activity and health. That is why we engineer the an interface to encourage you to keep you moving forward.

Lets make it fun. Unlock various achievements that are either health or connectivity related goals. The achievements unlock parts of your ‘dream watch’ that can be viewed on the Invis App.

Notifications control
Control your notifications. Set various notifications on the Invis App to vibrate your Invis Stap when indicated. Personalize the notifications or arrange them according to color and the diode on your watch strap will flash accordingly.

Smart Gesture Recognition Algorithms
We make the future seamless. That is why all of our smart gestures have been designed to make use of the most natural movements of the wrist.

Set Alarms
Never be late again. Personalize your alarms within the Invis App and your watch strap will vibrate discreetly.

Locate your Invis device
Don’t worry well find it. Never lose your watch again, the Invis App allows you to located your Invis Strap at all times


Programming language: Kotlin, Java

Frameworks: Jetpack

Database: Realm

Tools: Android Studio, Gradle, Git, Fastlane, Bitrise