Clip – One Second Videos (iOS)



  • Different kinds of video projects (calendar based and freestyle)
  • Auto-fill option that generates video snippets based on videos stored in the device
  • Automatic iCloud backup and synchronization across devices
  • iCloud based Collaboration on projects
  • The subscription-based pricing model for premium users
  • Basic video editing: adding text layers, cutting to selected length, changing volume, adding filters and music

App description

Create a movie of your life with Clip - a free video diary app perfect for those who love to collect the most important events of their life!
Clip is a place to collect, store and share the best events: holidays, trips, birthdays, pregnancy, child's birth, wedding, and even more just by adding them into your calendar's project.

Clip will help you by making a full travel movie diary. It lets you collect any photos and videos with only one tap! Let your journal live by matching them into one place to make an individual story. You can simply edit your projects and create: timelapse, one second everyday photos & and videos to link them into a special souvenir. It all depends on your creativity and activity!

Just get started with Clip app and make your own story.


Programming language: Swift

Frameworks: UIKit, SwiftUI, AVFoundation, Photos, CloudKit, Contacts, Lottie

Tools: Xcode, Git, Fastlane, Bitrise