Installing Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS on Mac Mini

If you have ever tried installing Ubuntu Server on a Mac Mini it’s likely that after installation you encountered  a flashing folder icon with a question mark on the screen. Below are the steps to fix it.

  1. Boot into your installation USB by holding ALT key when the Mac Mini is starting.
  2. Press C when the GRUB menu appears to start a console.
  3. Now you have to find the partition that contains a boot directory.
  4. Set this as your root for further commands.
  5. The only way to boot properly is to use the UUID of the drive. Get it like this:
  6. Note down the UUID. You’ll have to type it manually in the next step.
  7. Set initial RAM disk and start booting.
  8. Your system should start normally now so log in and run the following commands:
  9. This will list something like the output below:
  10. Change the boot order to start Ubuntu first and reboot.
  11. Your Mac Mini should be able to start Ubuntu Server now.

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